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Quality Strains

We work with major LP's to ensure that our customers have access to premium bud and oils. No shake and bake here!

Pro Budtenders

New to cannabis? Unsure if cannabis is appropriate for you? Looking for insights on the types of consumption methods and strains best for you? We can help.


Easy Access

With locations in all of Calgary's quadrants, there's a UrbanCanna near you. Note: easy access doesn't mean we sell to minors. You must be legal age to purchase cannabis.

Fine-Tune Your
Cannabis Experience

We carry a large variety of cannabis across the THC/CBD spectrum,
including dried flower, oils, concentrates, edibles, infused drinks and more!

High CBD Strains

CBD is linked to numerous health benefits, though research in these areas is ongoing. CBD is not considered psychoactive and does not produce the “high” typically associated with CBD.

Strains with CBD percentages north of 2% are considered “high CBD”.

CBD/THC Strains

For those that want the best of both worlds, CHD/THC blends maximize the effects of the dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis.

For most people, a CBD/THC blend is the “ideal” strain for their tolerance and experience level.

High THC Strains

THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis and is responsible for the euphoric “high” that cannabis is known for. High THC strains may be overwhelming for novice users, so please use responsibly and within your tolerance level.

THC levels higher than 10% will send most people to space. Be careful and enjoy responsibly.


Sativa strains are known for stimulating creativity, energy, and uplifting moods, though additional research is being done in this area to determine strain-specific effects.

Not all Sativa’s are the same and individual strains may have different effects. We recommend slow and careful consumption, especially for novice users.


Often referred to as “wheelchair weed”, Indica’s tend to produce relaxing and sedative effects. This effect may be a result of the terpene “myrcene”, though additional research is needed to validate this assumption.

Not all Indica’s are the same and effects may vary from straight to strain. We recommend slow and careful consumption, especially for novice users.

Hybrid Strains

Cross-bred to produce effects that blend characteristics from both Indica’s and Sativas’s, hybrid strains often moderate effects typically associated with Indica’s and Sativa’s.

As always, we recommend careful consumption. “Low and slow”, as it were.
Note: references to specific effects are colloquial in nature. More research is needed to determine specific effects or to validate claims associated with different strains. The best education is through responsible and moderated usage.

Five Locations in Calgary & Surrounding Area

With a history in the medical cannabis space, we are ready to help our customers enjoy the ideal cannabis experience.

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